Cashflow 101/202.

The cashflow board game is a financial activity that is designed to present money matters in a simple but fun way which helps players to reflect on how they are handling their money in real life.

It said," The more you play this game, the richer you become"It places emphasis on learning how to your money work for you.

Akamai Training Manuals

Akamai has pre-developed financial literacy training modules and material which has been tested and used for over ten years. We have also developed and delivered various training of trainer material for various clients including opportunity bank and watoto child care ministries.

About Company

Akamai Global's financial Literacy efforts received the highest recognition from Capital Markets Authority with the Kikonyogo Capital Markets Authority (KCMA)award, awarded in 2008 and 2009 for its contribution towards investor education in the capital markets area



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